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FAQ's about Jox Box

What Are the Advantages of the Jox Box®

  • Eliminates dreaded dug-in holes around home plate.
  • Allows players to still dig in without having to dig out.
  • Means no more searching for a decent place to stand.
  • Gives batters the solid comfortable footing for the 
    swing they want.
  • Prevents ankle and knee injuries due to its level field sliding surface.
  • Eliminates annoying puddles around home plate.
  • Means fewer game postponements and more time
    to play.
  • Approved by ASA and USSSA for league and
    tournament play.
  • Used nationally by Babe Ruth, and American Legion.
  • Adheres to regulation dimensions for softball and baseball. 

Will Sliding be the Same?

There will always be dirt on top of the box, which means players will be sliding on the same surface as before.  What's more, a smooth surface without holes around home plate means fewer injuries and safer sliding.  Players slide from the field surface onto the top of the box.

Can a Player Wear Any Type of Cleat?

Yes, all kinds of cleats may be used.

How Long Does a Jox Box® Last?

The Jox Box® will last five years or more with no noticeable wear.  Proper installation and periodic maintenance is very important.

Cross Section of the Installed Jox Box 

Buried 31/2" Deep -->

Baseball field construction, Softball field maintenance equipment, Softball field equipment <-- Field Top Dressing
<--1/2" Sand Filled Turf
<--Rubber Crumb*/ Resin Base
<--Natural Soil

The source of the rubber components used the Jox Box® is 100% screened and processed recycled tire rubber.

How Is the Jox Box Different from Similar Products?

It is a heavy-duty, quality-constructed product made of a porous rubber crumb base that's heated and pressed to the proper density and topped off by a 3/4" sand-filled fiber turf.  It is then buried 31/2" deep into the ground, so players don't even know it's there.  If infield and outfield are ready for play, you know the Jox Box® is ready.

How Long Does it Take to Install the Jox Box®

The maintenance-free Jox Box® can be installed in about an hour and played on at once. Step-by-step installation instructions come with every Jox Box®, and our Service Department (800/683-0610) can answer any installation questions you may have.  We also forward the instructions to your Parks and Recreation Department or school prior to shipment.
Why Does the Picture Show Green Fibers?

  So there's no turf burn to  worry about.  It's simply polypropylene fibers that are colored green. When the Jox Box® is covered, no green is seen.

How do I order the Jox Box?

Call us at 1.800.683.0610 or email us to place an order.

What Is the Shipping Cost?  How Long Does it Take to Ship?

Call for shipping charges to your location. We have a 2-week turnaround from the date of purchase. 

Our Youth League model is praised by coaches, players, and parents


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