Batters box, Baseball field equipment, Softball field maintenance


Recreation Directors Recommend the Jox Box

  • Gone forever are those dug-out holes beside home plate

  • Baseball and softball field maintenance time and cost are dramatically reduced...enough to pay for the Jox Box in just one season

  • Meets regulation dimensions for softball and baseball field equipment

  • Used nationwide by Babe Ruth and American Legion.

Maintenance Supervisors Approve the Jox Box

  • No more puddles around the plate... if the infield is ready to play you know the batting box is also ready

  • With the batters box always ready, there is less game time lost and fewer game cancellations

  • The Jox box is safe with any type of cleat

  • Batters can dig in, but they can't dig out

Players Applaud the Jox Box

  • Level, solid, comfortable footing gives players a better swing
  • Sliding into home plate is safer... the level surface prevents twisted ankles or knees
  • The Jox Box is approved by ASA and USSSA for the league and tournament play


Batters box, Baseball field equipment, Softball field maintenance

Seventeen Years of Field Experience and more than 10,000 Installations... The Jox Box Is Cheered from Coast to Coast!

"We used to have many injuries each year. Last year we had none."
Don Brooks - Randolph Field
Air Force Base

"We have a Jox Box on all twenty-five of our fields and couldn't get though the season without them."
Tommy Jennitti - Baltimore, MD

"This is our fourth year and the Jox Boxes are still going strong."
Andy Dooley - Bedford, VA

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Batters box | Baseball field equipment | Softball field maintenance